• You get 10 credits/messages to use for a risk-free trial.
  • A phonebook where you can organize your contacts.
  • Divide your contacts into groups.
  • Send Bulk Text Messages.
  • You get an Inbox where you get replies, you can view your Sent text campaigns, Space to write long Text Messages, Quick Group Messaging.
A. You can send bulk Text Messages as long as your contacts have opted to receive Text Messages from you. If you are not authorized to send messages to your contacts by them, you will be prevented from using the service and your account will be stopped.
A. To send a Bulk Text Message, make sure that all of your contacts are opted in to receive your campaigns. Go to 'My Groups' and select the desired group, whom you wish to send the Bulk campaign to. If you do not have a group, or wish to send the campaign to all of your contacts, simply put them in a group called 'All' if you do not have it set up by us. After you make your selection, select your country in the field provided. Then, in the second field type in the mobile code and number leaving zeros, spaces and extra characters out. In the 'From' type in your name or any information you wish the other side to see in their incoming message. The 'Message' field is where you type in your message. It is suggested that you should keep its content under 130 characters. This is because cell phones do not have the same content viewing capabilities and mobile providers and cannot view some longer messages. After that click on 'Send' and your will be prompted to preview and make any necessary corrections before your click on 'Send Text'
A. You will and the result of this is a strong two-way communication with your contacts.
A. Yes, you will not be charged for incoming messages.
A. You can send a single message out. To do this, go to 'My Home' and select the recipient's name from your phone book. If the recipient is not in your phonebook, simply type in the recipient's number in the field provided. After you have completed the required fields, you will be prompted a confirmation page. If you do not know the 'Provider' just select 'I don't know' and click 'Send Text'
A. One individual message costs one credit.
A. myDtxt.com suggest each message to be under 130 characters. Most messages are normally less then 80 characters and the remainder of the message should be reserved for the 'From' field, which provides your contacts with the informations about who has sent the message.
A. Typically Text Messages are delivered instantly to the recipients. There are instances when messages can be delayed. These include peak times when many people send Text Messages at the same time, or when a cell phone is not within a network coverage area. When there are delays, the mobile providers' Networks will retry sending the Text Messages for up to a week.
A. There is no limit on how many Text Messages you are sending as long as you are not using the service for spamming and abuse, in which case, your account will be terminated. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information.
A. Some people need to enable their cell phone's messaging by contacting their mobile providers. There are people who use pre-paid phones, that might not have a high enough balance to cover the incoming message. Some recipients need to subscribe to receive a higher number of Text Messages. Sometimes the recipient is out-of-range and cannot receive the message. Sometimes the mobile number of the recipient is wrong and will not get delivered properly. Check the recipient's number for extra characters such as a '+' or if it is starting with a '0', remove them because this can prevent the message from sending out.
A. You get charged if you have sent out a message. If someone has not received you Text Message it can be due to many reasons which are out of our control. Our system makes sure that your messages go out for delivery and this is what you are paying for.
A. myDtxt.com works with major mobile providers in the USA and Canada. There are more and more mobile networks added to the service all the time.
A. Neither you or your client will be subjected to any advertising. For the safety of you and your contacts, we have added a 'Global Opt-Out' option. If someone signs thru this option, their contact information will go into the database as contacts who do not wish to receive any messages.
A. Your personal and account information as well as the contents of your messages are protected by myDtxt.com. You can protect who sees your information on your end by never giving out your password and login information. If you have any concerns, change your password regularly. Any valuable information such as credit card details will not be saved in our system.
A. We offer custom solutions to accommodate your Text Messaging demands. Contact us for more information.
A. No. The reason for that is that Text Messages are sent from one server to another until it is delivered. If the recipient's phone is turned on, and has the capability to receive Text Messages, the recipient will receive the message.
A. You can ask us to add a new network, by writing to us. Please include the name of the network, and their location.
A. We are constantly searching to provide you with more networks. You can monitor the new networks here. If your network is not in the list, we will contact the networks you need to send to, and try to include them in our coverage. Simply write to us with the name of the network and the country.